What We Fund

  1. Ideally, projects that leave a tangible legacy behind, can be used year-to-year and that reach the greatest number of students
  2. Projects should be aligned with DREAMS- Drama, Recreation, Extra-Curricular, Arts, Music or Sports

What We Don't Fund

  1. Salaries and honorariums; instructor's fees
  2. Playground
  3. School renovations / enhancements
  4. School trips, summer camps, one-day special events
  5. Transportation
  6. Short-term programs, courses, workshops


  • Applicants must be a Canadian non-tuition public elementary school (JK-8)
  • Each school is limited to one grant application per school year
  • The average grant is under $3000
  • All communication with S'Cool will be via email- please ensure that your email address is correct in the application

The Corporation is dealing only with Qualified Donees as defined in the Income Tax Act. All Registered Charities are considered Qualified Donees.

Locally, a public school can be incorporated and be registered as a Registered Charity and therefore will be a Qualified Donee. If not, the public school can refer itself to its School Board which has to be a Registered Charity.

In all cases, the status of Registered Charities can be verified at the following internet address:


Suite 2300, 161 Bay Street, Box 222, Brookfield Place, Canada Trust Tower, Toronto, ON, M5J 2S1

info@scoollifefund.ca  1.866.362.4321