Q: How can I contact the S'Cool Life Fund?

Please contact us via email at info@scoollifefund.ca

Q: Who can apply for a grant?

Applications must be made by a school principal and supported by a teacher and/or member of a parent advisory group. Schools must be Canadian non-tuition elementary; projects must be for JK-8.

Q: How many applications can I apply for in one school year?

Each public elementary school can only submit one grant application per school year for consideration.

Q: Will we receive the full amount indicated in our application?

Not necessarily. In some cases we are only able to fund a portion of the total amount requested. Also, not all applications will be funded.

Q: What is expected of my school after receiving a grant?

We ask that you confirm receipt of the cheque and provide copies of receipts from items purchased.

Q: Is there a set time period for spending the funds?

No. Once you receive the cheque you can determine when to spend the funds, but preferably within 6 months (the same school year)

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